Companies we like: Enso Rings

//Companies we like: Enso Rings

Companies we like: Enso Rings


We like quality products and the companies that produce them.

One of our founders and his wife bought a set of Enso Rings to replace their normal wedding rings when they were out exercising, working, or doing anything casual that didn’t necessitate their beautiful and expensive wedding rings. After wearing the Enso Rings for a little while we’ve found that these rings are of amazing quality and are so comfortable that you simply forget that you’re wearing them.



Instead of wood, metal, or gold/silver the Enso Rings are made out of Silicone which doesn’t just make them flexible, it makes them durable. These rings don’t scratch or blemish in any way. Not even after a day of playing paintball, changing the oil, or cutting trees. (Yeah, just because we own a company doesn’t mean that we get out of chores 🙂 )

The silicone they use is extremely comfortable to wear and because it’s flexible it allows for your fingers to swell and constrict with the weather or activity.

We are extremely impressed with the quality of these rings. If you work with your hands at all, Enso Rings are for you.

10/10. Keep it up guys!


Check out their website!

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