Introducing PBList: Local Paintball Sales in Utah

//Introducing PBList: Local Paintball Sales in Utah

Introducing PBList: Local Paintball Sales in Utah

We were not messing around when we said that WE LOVE PAINTBALL! So I put it in bold!

A few days ago, Facebook banned the sale of paintball guns in Facebook groups and pages. Up until that point, Utah had a thriving community of players who sold and traded paintball guns and gear to each other.

So, we asked the community if they’d like their own custom website to do their sales and they said “YES!”.

So, within 3 days we designed, built and tested a brand new service called PBList. It’s basically craigslist for paintball players in Utah.

With an intuitive interface and easy UI PBList makes it easy for paintball players to buy, sell, and trade new and used paintball gear locally. Not only that, but sellers can have their own page that they can run as a storefront and sell ALL of their stuff in one place.

Just another service from us at 4Me Labs 🙂

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