PBPlaybooks 2: Free Paintball Whiteboard

//PBPlaybooks 2: Free Paintball Whiteboard

PBPlaybooks 2: Free Paintball Whiteboard


For the last few months I’ve been re-doing PBPlaybooks to be a simple way to draw up plays on a computer or tablet.


You can even buy an HDMI Dongle for your iPad or Android tablet and connect it to your hotel room TV before a tournament and go over ideas and plays on a big screen instead of huddling around a 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper.


For those who didn’t see the magnificent failure that was version 1: PBPlaybooks was a web app that I built that would allow teams to create and save plays online. Almost like a binder of plays.


However, paintball is way too chaotic to just have a binder full of baked plays and coaches would probably rather just have a whiteboard that they can load a layout onto and work on.


So I scrapped PBPlaybooks the service and just made PBPlaybooks the whiteboard.


Simple and easy.


PBPlaybooks works with *most* desktop browsers and tablets although I have yet to test it on an ACTUAL android tablet.

Simply visit: http://pbplaybooks.com to start drawing on layouts today 🙂

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