Introducing PBTimer

//Introducing PBTimer

Introducing PBTimer

We love paintball!

But one of the biggest pains on the field (other than the paintballs themselves) is figuring out who and how to start the game. Sometimes, you have to find someone to yell out “GO!” for you, and sometimes you just have to have one of the players call it…

The NXL and Millennium tournaments solved this problem by having a computerized system that does this for you, but it’s too large and expensive to be practical for anyone other than tournaments.

So, we took their concept and placed it into the palm of your hand. Now, you can have an automated system countdown the start of a game AND you can set a time limit for the game itself.

Just set it and forget it.

Spend less time calling the game, and more time playing.

iOS App Store Link [In app review, ETA 4 days]
Android App Store Link [Finalizing, ETA 24 hours]

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