PBTimer is now available on iOS and Android

//PBTimer is now available on iOS and Android

PBTimer is now available on iOS and Android

Developing apps is *supposed* to be the hard part, but it turns out that releasing them is just as hard. After several builds and almost rejections PBTimer is finally available on iOS and Android.

In case you missed the previous post:

PBTimer is the first paintball timing app ever produced. Usually, in order to start a game you need to have  a referee or team member call out to start it. But what if you don’t have any extra people on your team or if an entire day of yelling out “GO!” is unappealing to you?

That’s where PBTimer comes in.

PBTimer automatically counts down the start of the game, and can even be set to have a time limit for referees on rental fields, or for teams running drills.

Just connect your phone to a bluetooth speaker and you’re all set.

Spend less time figuring out how to start the game and more time playing.

Get it now on iOS and Android:

Get it on Google Play

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